Head and Neck Cancer

Malignancies of the head and neck account for approximately 15% of all cancers. These cancers carry with them not only potentially high mortality rates if left untreated, but also significant morbidity as they often affect swallowing, speech. breathing, and physical appearance being many times on the fate or neck. Early diagnosis and treatment is critical for superior survival rates and loco-regional control. Our surgeons and practitioners have been heavily trained in the diagnosis and management of all types of head and neck malignancies including those affecting the skin, the ear, nasal cavity, oral cavity, throat, larynx, and neck. Endoscopic, open and robotic approaches are available depending on the site of the tumor. Salivary gland and thyroid tumors arc also treated with excellent success rates.

Endoscopic examination and biopsies may be performed in both office and outpatient setting as deemed necessary by the patient’s condition, and education regarding the nature of disease given. A personal approach is taken during these stressful times to allow for open and transparent lines of communication between doctor and patient ensuring appropriate follow up and surveillance once the condition has been successfully treated.

Our surgeons also work with multidisciplinary cancer teams to ensure the best treatment and outcomes available offering our patients both surgical and non-surgical therapy when possible. Please contact our office immediately with any persistent change in voice, pain with swallowing, or neck mass that persists beyond 10 days, and advise our staff of such symptoms to allow for immediate scheduling.