Sinusitis is a condition that affects millions of people all over the world. Estimates suggest that up to one quarter of the population suffers from sinus problems during their lifetime. It is a condition that has a dramatic effect of quality of life and can impact family life, relationships,
sleep, school and work. Due to the close relationship of the sinuses with eyes and brain, infections of the sinuses left untreated can cause serious and life threatening complications requiring emergent intervention. Nasal obstruction causing difficulties with breathing and sleep, and allergies affecting ones quality of life affect up to 40″/0 of patient with chronic sinus disease and also impact the frequency of dangerous infections.

Our physicians have received advanced training in the diagnosis, management and treatment of sinus conditions whether be they acute, chronic, or emergent. Educating the patients about the health maintenance and natural physiology of their sinuses is paramount to our philosophy and in doing such we have successfully treated thousands of patients.

Each treatment plan is individually tailored for that particular patient. Diagnostic examination and testing is offered in our office and treatments may range from education to medicine to surgery. Furthermore, as otolaryngic allergists we pride ourselves as being the specialists capable in both surgical and non-surgical techniques of managing patients with nasal symptoms.