Swallowing Disorders

At Southeast Michigan Ear, Nose, and Throat we are able to accurately diagnose and treat multiple swallowing disorders. In addition to talking to you and obtaining a detailed history to better understand your condition our doctors can perform diagnostic tests in our office to assess your swallowing problem. We can perfonn the advanced Trans.nasal Esophagoscopy procedure. This procedure allows us to see your entire swallowing tube (esophagus) and examine your stomach using only topical anesthetic agents and no sedation. The doctors can also perform laryngoscopy and videostoboscopV in the office to better Visualize the entrance to the swallowing tube. Treatment for your swallowing disorder will depend on the cause but can include botox injections to relax the swallowing muscles, dilations of any strictures, and endoscopic and open treatment of any Zenkers Diverticuli (outpouching of the swallowing tube).