Voice and Laryngeal Disorders

Changes in voice can signify both urgent and less serious medical conditions and should be evaluated promptly. Our office offers the most advanced techniques in diagnosing changes in the voice and allows for immediate treatment options to be offered. Our experienced physicians perform in-office endoscopic examination of the larynx with both laryngoscopy and videostroboscopy offered. This allows for video documentation of any pathology and affords our patients a clear understanding as to the nature and cause of their problem SO that immediate therapy may be initiated to prevent further damage to the voice. Therapies may include simple adjustments in their lifestyle and education about vocal health, or may include a period of voice therapy with a trained speech pathologist. More complex conditions may require medical regimens and, if necessary, surgical removal and biopsy of any nodules, polyps, or abnormal growths. Our surgeons perform these procedures using microscopes to allow for preservation of normal tissue, restoration of the voice and return to normal activities.